65. Hűvösvölgyi Road

Budapest, 1026 Hungary

Phone: +36 30 365 1375


Beauty, healing, peace

Our return patients know it well: our clinic is characterized by a tranquil, aesthetical and elegant environment that ensures the positive atmosphere necessary for beauty, a vast set of tools necessary for healing and the peace which is indispensable to regeneration. We trust that we can surprise them, as well, with the recent additions we made.

Our purpose is to continue to please everyone who comes to us, to offer them perfect harmony inside and outside. We believe that the setting is now even more aligned to the high-quality medical services we provide. With this renovation, we would like to express our appreciation to our patients who benefit from physical and mental restoration.

Our clinic satisfies our patients’ needs both in terms of the structure of its building and equipment, helping them enjoy a safe and undisturbed stay. We ensure their comfort by careful admission, and they can turn to our qualified and helpful staff any time.

Beauty is an eternal value that requires constant development and genuine harmony. Following this principle, we seek to progress continually, helping our patients do the same in their own lives, successfully and joyfully.