3D imaging

Vectra 3D imaging – the new dimension of aesthetic simulation straight from the United States first at Dr. Zsolt Krasznai’s plastic surgery clinic.


Envisioning the final result of your aesthetic procedure and conveying those of your surgeon can be difficult without any visual aid. Would you like to see the possible result after each procedure? Thanks to this revolutionary simulation imaging technology, the patient has a chance to preview the expected results of the procedure in advance thus making the decision easier.

The Vectra 3D technology is a unique image system that can take 3D images of the face, breast or any other part of the body. Therefore during the consultation the patient and the plastic surgeon can analyse the expected results together. The machine can make very detailed pictures of the given body part and we are able to modify them with the help of this special software. Since the images are 3 dimensional, we are able to have a closer look at them from every angle.

It is obvious, that this tool is extremely useful in order to let the patient see exactly the way the procedure will go and helps to have a realistic picture of the expected results. With the help of Dr. Zsolt Krasznai, this opportunity – recommended by international celebrities – is now available to Hungarian women as well.

3D imaging of breast enlargement

The Vectra can be used to show the results of breast enlargement. Six images are taken at one time of the patient and by ordering them; a 3D image is made of the given area of the body. The system stores freshly updated information of the implants used during the operation therefore it is possible to follow up on the changes due to the breast enlargement. It is possible to compare the state of the original and after the operation.


3D imaging of rhinoplasty/nose surgery

In many cases it is very difficult for a patient to imagine how her new nose would fit her face. Fortunately thanks to this new technology by Canfiled, this has become much easier. The nose can be viewed from different angles and therefore it will become easier to see what kind of operation will the surgeon perform?

3D imaging of face lifts

Surgical intervention on the face can also be very well illustrated with the help of the software: whether it is a face lift, eyelid surgery, raising of the eyebrows, raising of the forehead or neck lift, or even something smaller like hyaluronic acid fill in the face or lips, or – also something unique in Hungary – treatment with the Fraxel Dual machine. Most of the patients are worried about surgery to their faces since this is their most distinctive and sensitive part of their body. This is a perfect opportunity to show them that their faces will remain just as lifelike as previously.

Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about the Vectra 3D imaging system! This sensational opportunity is available at Dr. Zsolt Krasznai’s clinic, the only place in Central Europe, and we are also able to model procedures planned by other doctors. Please call +36 30 365 1375 for booking and enquiries.

Please click to view video of the Vectra 3D machine: