Fraxel laser treatment

fraxel-logoFraxel laser – unique skin renewal with the Fraxel Dual 1550/1927 laser.

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This revolutionary new Fraxel laser is the most important innovation in the field of skin renewal treatment which is able to treat both the skin’s upper and deeper layers therefore it is more precise, safer and painless for every skin type. We get a smoother, fresher and younger face without a surgery and rehabilitation time.


  • The tone and texture improves.
  • The number of wrinkles lessens around the eyes.
  • The unwanted brown spots become paler, the acnes and surgical scars become prettier.
  • The lesions in cancer prevention state can disappear (acute keratose).
  • Ideal face lift on face, neck, cleavage, arms, legs and back.
  • Age spots, freckles and sunspots fade/ get paler.
  • Melasma, pregnancy and strech lines fade/ get paler.

The special advantage of the FRAXEL Dual laser is the dual frequency:

  • 1550: works against the skin’s wrinkles and scars by penetrating the skin’s deeper layers.
  •  1927: tone and texture of the skin, while it also removes the signs of ageing and other symptoms of ageing.

Compared with the traditional laser, the FRAXEL is able to use dual frequency by which it is able to treat the upper and deeper skin layers at the same time. The dual frequency is also safer and works with no pain at all without any marks or scars and recuperation period.


How does it work?

The FRAXEL treatment is a patent technology by the laser technologists of Harvard University and with its help the controlled beam is able to remove the aged sun damaged cells and pigment spots. The laser beam gets into contact only with the targeted tissue unit therefore it leaves the neighbouring area untouched and ensures a fast recovery. It starts the body’s self-healing mechanism, and instead of the old, damaged cell it creates a radiant and healthy skin.

When are the results visible and how long is it?

The results are immediate and progressive. Soon after the surgery the surface of the skin becomes smoother and softer to touch and a much more toned faced. The next 3-6 months brings further improvement since the skin’s deeper layers start to produce new collagen fibre. The length of the result depends on the lifestyle of the patient, her original skin condition and her skin care habits.

How many treatments do I need?

Major results can be expected after several treatments. The numbers of necessary treatments depend on the individual needs and abilities as well as the lifestyle of the patient. However we can plan the treatments and the expected healing period.


What can I expect after the treatment?

Depending on the strength of the treatment, redness and swelling can appear straight after the operation but this will pass by the next day or in a few days. The skin takes up a natural bronze colour during the following one or two days. As you continue with the treatment, this suntanned bronze appearance will appear after each treatment. The skin will peel as a natural reaction and underneath it, the smoother and fresher skin will appear.

Is it safe?

Opposed to the traditional laser or chemical peeling, the treatment with fraxel is extremely precise and enables us to renew the skin’s upper and deeper layers in a safe and painless way without scars or deeper injuries. Next to all of this it is possible to use it on any body part and on every skin type. Of course, as with any laser operation, there is always a risk factor and/or slower healing period. This should be discussed previous to an operation with the consulting medic.

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