Hair Transplantation

shutterstock_277907699The revolutionarily new hair transplant method, the WAW FUE SYSTEM was introduced already in 2017 at the private clinic of the recognised plastic surgeon of our region Dr. Zsolt Krasznai, by which the best result lasting for a lifetime can be achieved.

A dense, beautiful hair makes our appearance fresher, more attractive and younger both in the private life and in the professional carrier. The hair plays a determining role in our appearance, it primarily determines the character of our face, and it contributes to ensure the first pleasant impression in our everyday life.

Balding is problematic for millions of men and women according to a domestic survey. For men balding is a determining problem also in the social life, shedding of hair causes trouble for one in each ten men in the private life.

Genetic factors have the major influence on the changes in the condition of our hair, therefore, many people experience shedding of hair on the entire scalp or at specific areas of the scalp as the years pass by. This shed of hair can be stopped nowadays by means of widely used simple and pain free procedure.

Patients appear younger, more successful as a result of the intervention, and they usually report increase of self esteem and self assurance.

State of art hair transplant procedures

The intervention essentially means the transplant of viable hairs, grafts from areas not affected by genetically determined shedding to the areas of receding or lost hair. Two options are available to accomplish this goal.stylet3 (0-00-00-00)

During the FUT/strip method (Follicular Unit Transplantation) a wide strip is removed from donor area of a hairy scalp, and then experiences technicians establish non damaged suitable grafts with the help of microscope.

During the FUE/Follicular Unit Extraction the grafts are removed one by one.

Both techniques are used all over the world now, but the latter FUE method is the most popular for transplanting and implantation as a result of medical research trying to find treatments that cause the smallest trauma. The transplanting of grafts take place with the same method in both cases, which requires suitable precision and expertise.

The technique of the extraction changed primarily in recent years, while the various clinics were competing to find novel possibilities to ensure the best results. Essentially, all techniques rely on the same FUE principle.

Benefits of the new WAW FUE SYSTEM:

- There is no horizontal cut or scar tissue formation.

- This is the least invasive intervention.

- No insensitivity occurs at the donor area.

- One can resume work immediately.

The technique thought to be the most advanced in the world is associated with the work of the Canadian colleague Dr. Devroy, who developed the technique WAW FUE for hair transplantation together with the Hybrid Trumpet Punch in 2016. As of 2017 we also use this system for the treatments in our clinic.

In case of the former procedures the extraction of crafts was made with a sharp needle, which is narrowed at its end, and which executed a drilling motion in one direction. At the same time Dr. Devroy developed a hybrid needle, which is sharp but has a trumpet shape with slight widening at its end, which cannot cause damage at the root of the follicles thanks to its configuration. This needle performs a to and fro rotating movement instead of just moving in one direction, thus ensuring an even more reliable extraction while loosening the craft from its vicinity.

Although the former techniques could ensure as high as 80 – 90 % anchoring of the transplanted grafts, but the new technique can guarantee almost 100 % results. For instance, the number of additional hairs that get anchored could be 500 if 5000 hairs are transplanted.

The WAW FUE SYSTEM – in our clinic

pedale1-3+BG (0-00-03-00)As of 2017 the excellent and safe results are available in our clinic thanks to the WAW FUE SYSTEM.

In the first stage of the procedure, the follicles are extracted one by one from the area at the back of the head by means of the latest and most reliable method named WAW FUE System, which combines all the benefits of the formerly used methods. The needle used for the extraction is sharp at its external surface as necessary, while it is dull at its inside, so that it would not damage the hair.

The hair line is marked, the actual locations of the transplanted hairs are determined in the subsequent stage, where special attention is given to the inclination of the hairs too.

Then the actual transplantation of hair can take place.

Information about the procedure


In order to assess the risks of the intervention it is necessary to perform tests for determining the general condition of the body and the local status. Local anaesthesia is used in every case for the procedure.

Duration of the procedure

1 or 2 days depending on the extent of hair loss.

Mandatory stay at the clinic

None, the client can go home after completing the procedure.

Working ability

It depends on the nature of the work. Work of non physical nature can be started after 1 – 3 days, while more strenuous physical work can be started after 3 weeks.

After the procedure

Take care not to touch the transplanted area by anything during the first 2 – 3 weeks. In addition to that, it is required to refrains from any activities, which cause sweating (sport, sauna, hard physical labour).


As a consequence of the hair transplant it is possible that skin redness occurs at the transplanted area, or swelling happens in the vicinity of forehead or eyes, but these symptoms disappear within 2-3 days.