Wrinkle treatment

Woman touching her forehead without wrinkleEveryday problems and the stress of daily life leaves their mark on us and our faces with strong mimic wrinkles. The BOTOX treatment is ideal and a painless solution to all of those who would like to correct and lessen the existing wrinkles and prevent them if possible.

The word BOTOX is an acronym for Botulinum toxin A, which is poison produced by the Botulinum bacteria. It is a well-known fact that that Botulinum toxin A is able to relax the nerves which move the muscles.

During the course of the BOTOX treatment this fluid is cleansed and dilluted and is injected in a weakened form into the mimic muscles which are responsible for the wrinkles. With this procedure we are able to close out these muscles and therefore the face becomes smoother and wrinkle free.

The BOTOX is connected to nerve endings, the muscles responsible for the wrinkles. However there are some face muscles which the BOTOX is not responsible for, so the patient will not lose their face mimics.

Since we inject the fluid under the skin in a diluted way, it has no negative effects at all on the body.

Before the treatment we mark the areas where we intend to have effective results.

Following this we inject the fluid under the skin with an ultra-fine needle right to the muscles that is to be treated. The BOTOX treatment in the case of an experienced medic does not last longer than a few minutes.


Since this is not a surgical operation, these minor injections are completely free of pain and anaesthesia is not required. With sensitive patients however we apply lidocaine cream to the treated area. In the 2-12 days following the treatment, the muscles will not or to very little extend be able to move therefore the soft wrinkles will disappear and the deeper wrinkles become softer making the face smoother. The required effect will begin to be seen in the 2-14 days following the treatment and will last for 3-7 months. In case of a longer lasting effect, the treatment has to be repeated following this time. With every repeated Botox treatment the effect can be prolonged and even enhanced.

In case of very deep wrinkles especially if the signs of ageing appears – such as baggy eyes, hanging eyelids which cannot be perfected by Botox – the treatment is not recommended. The same is true during pregnancy and breast feeding. Also, if there is skin inflammation in the area or in case of nerve or muscle illness.

There is no need to make any preparation for this treatment but it is recommended to refrain from taking any medication or if this is not possible to consult with a medic. It is recommended to come make up free for the operation.

Following the operation, minor bleeding or swelling can appear in the area. To avoid this and also in order for the liquid not to spread to other areas, it is strongly recommended to keep the head in a vertical position and avoid any kind of physical activity in the following 3 hours. It is also not recommended to sunbathe, to use a sauna, to have a face massage or any activity that would cause the treated area to heat up as this lessens the effectiveness of the operation. However it is recommended to move and mimic the area as much as possible.