Our philosophy
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Our philosophy is “beauty gives self-confidence”

Beauty and shape formation are frequently used expressions in our everyday life. However, it isnot at all a new concept as people have been taking care of their appearance since ancienttimes. We can speak about shape formation in three ways: body building, slimming diet and inthe context of plastic surgery.

This has become increasingly popular since the middle of the last century and our objective is togive back self-confidence, although plastic surgeons can not correct all shape deficiencies andsurpluses, therefore, it is very important to emphasise that good results can only be achievedwith the help of the other joint professions.

Plastic surgery – as it is clearly indicated by the name – is not only a conservative treatmentmethod. Its objective is to correct deformations with the help of an operation which can not befurther corrected therapeutically or with other alternative treatments. There are plenty ofoperation solutions in plastic surgery, the most appropriate one is chosen by the patient and theplastic surgeon in whom the patient has put his/her trust.

Women are not the only ones who care for plastic surgery in Hungary as there are several malepatients at our clinic, which clearly shows that men nowadays unreservedly deal with theirappearance.

The most important objective of For Beauty Plastic is to enable our patients who have put theirtrust in us to get to know our professionalism during the consultations and be satisfied with theachieved result after the treatment.