Breast enlargement

PBreast enlargement for aesthetic reasons is one of the most frequently executed plastic surgery operations. During the operation an implant is used in order to increase the volume of the breasts and form a more beautiful breast shape.

Breast implants have been used since the 60’s and have been under continuous improvement since that time. The co-operation of patients, doctors and manufacturers make the application of the most modern medical and technical knowledge possible. The wall of all implants used nowadays is silicon. The implant can be filled with physiological salt solution or silicon gel. The shapes of the implants are variable as well: roundish implants with high or low profile, anatomical or drop shaped implants. The patient can choose the most appropriate shape which fits her the most from the wide choice of implants available.

The implant can be place in three ways during breast enlargement operations:

- under the gland substance
- under the muscle
- halfway under the muscle
- The placement of halfway under the muscle is a newly introduced method and it has gained popularity in Hungary and in other parts of the world on the basis of publications and personal experiences.

At our clinic we put the breast implant under the gland substance or use the third method that is half under the muscle. The patient and the doctor choose the most appropriate one together from the two methods.

The penetration can be executed in several ways:

- with a cross cut under the plica of the breast
- with a semicircular cut at the edge of the nipple
- with a cross cut driven through the nipple
- with a cut in the armpit
The above listed methods can not always be applied in every case.

Another cardinal point of breast enlargement is the selection of breast implant.

When determining the size and shape of the implant we take into consideration the following: the amount of breast gland substance, the shape of the breast, the body height of the patient, the symmetry of the chest, the condition of the skin and the perception of the patient. The final decision will be made on the basis of a detailed consultation.

In order to achieve the best desired results we use a so-called “sizer” during the operation.

This means that there is a test implant for all the sizes and this helps us choose the most appropriate implant size.

Further information can be read about the safe application of breast implants in EQUAM July 1998 (EQUAM = European Committee on Quality Assurance and Medical Devices in Plastic Surgery)

Silicon is a widely used and a basic material in our everyday life. We do not have a better alternative solution at the moment. Medical devices used in medicine and surgery, furthermore, implants made of silicon are not only essential for good life but for survival as well.
Modern studies continuously prove that implants filled with silicon gel cause neither breast cancer nor other ruinous diseases.

We have scientific, clinical, immunological, epidemological data supporting that implants filled with silicon gel do not cause any autoimmune or connective tissue diseases.
There is no scientific evidence that silicon allergy, silicon toxicity or “new silicon disease” would exist. There is an absolutely normal foreign body reaction with all breast implants but this is not an immune disease at all.
Silicon implants do not have an adverse effect on pregnancy, nursing and the health of the nursed child.
Patients with breast implants regularly go for check-ups (if necessary) and appropriate examination of the breasts.
Laboratory tests show that silicon does not have a clinical value. Specific silicon anti bodies have not been found so far.
According to EQUAM, an operable and matched EU regulation is needed for the application of implants. EQUAM urges the consent of the concerned European countries in this topic.

EQUAM also urges the continuous clinical and basic researches for the improvement of breast implants and new technologies.
Objective media publications inform and calm patient down. EQUAM will ensure the newest data for the media.
Regesnsburg, 4 July, 1998

Further information about the operation:


Before surgical operations certain tests concerning the general condition and local state of the body are necessary in order to measure the risk of the operation.
The operation is executed under general anaesthesia

The duration of the operation:

1 – 1.5 hours

Time to be spent in the clinic:

1 night

Patient can go back to work after:

3 – 6 days

Stich removal:

After 14 days


No activities or sports are allowed which intensively move the shoulder and breast muscles.


Medical operations are usually accompanied by the following: swollen, haemorrhagic operation area or inflammation, furthermore, scar healing problems may step up. However, thanks to the modern medicine these are very rare and treatable.