Breast reduction

mellkisebbitesBreast reduction

Breasts of bigger size can cause spine problems or difficulties in sports and in finding the appropriate garment size, therefore, a breast reduction operation can be a reasonable solution.

Big breasts with their own weight elongate the skin and get into a floppy position. In this case breast lifting can not be considered a sufficient solution for the correction of floppy breasts but the removal of useless skin area and breast gland substance is necessary. Breast reduced to the desired size ensures a long lasting feeling of comfort.

We need more cuts during breast reduction operations in order to achieve the desired result: a circular cut around the nipple, a cut in the plica under the breast and a vertical, connecting cut with the help of which we remove the useless skin area and part of the breast gland substance. We close the cuts with stitches in the tissue under the skin and in the lower part of the skin. Stitches will be completely removed.

Further information about the operation:


Before surgical operations certain tests concerning the general condition and local state of the body are necessary in order to measure the risk of the operation.
The operation is executed under general anaesthesia.

The duration of the operation:

2 – 3 hours

Time to be spent in the clinic:

1 night

Patient can go back to work after:

10 – 14 days

Stich removal:

After 14 days


No activities or sports are allowed which intensively move the shoulder and breast muscles.


Medical operations are usually accompanied by the following: swollen, haemorrhagic operation area or inflammation, furthermore, scar healing problems may step up. However, thanks to the modern medicine these are very rare and treatable.
Special risks in the case of breast reduction: partial or complete insensitivity of the nipples or rarely circulation problems in the nipple.