Eyelid surgery

Facelift, close upEyelid surgery

Eyes are very important for an honest face since it is the tool of interpersonal communication.

As the years go by the skin of the eyelid become slack and eyebags are formed which make the face look tired and sad, look can become expressionless. In many cases slack eyelid skin can have an advers effect on eye sight. These problems can be solved very easily with a relatively simple operation done in local anaesthesia. Eyelid surgery is often applied together with face lifting since refreshed, rejuvenated face looks a lot better with a younger look.

In the case of the upper eyelid we inject local anaesthetic smoothly under the skin. Eyelid flattens out and so it is possible to remove the redundant skin area and surplus fat along cuts running out from the nasal canthus. We close the cut with thread thin as hair.

In the case of the lower eyelid we also inject local anaesthetic in the semicircular area 2 – 3 millimetres under lower eyelashes. We separate the skin from the tissue under along the cut and remove the redundant amount.

Further information about the operation:


Before surgical operations certain tests concerning the general condition and local state of the body are necessary in order to measure the risk of the operation.The operation is usually executed under local anaesthesia.

The duration of the operation:

Upper eyelid: 1 hour
Lower eyelid: 1 hour

Time to be spent in the clinic:

Some hours after the operation

Patient can go back to work after:

6 – 8 days

Stich removal:

Upper eyelid: after 10 days
Lower eyelid: after 7 days


It is advisable to wear sunglasses so that the patient not twinkle because of strong light. Patient should use make-up on eyelid after at least eight days


Operation area becomes swollen and bloodshot which disappear after 6 – 8, maximum 10 days.