Face lifting

Beautiful Young Thirties WomanFace lifting

Skin as the first protective layer of the body does not only protect us from external effects but remarkably determines our general appearance. Due to its elasticity, colour and wrinkles it clearly shows whether the person who “wears” it is young, healthy and relaxed or rather old, tired or ill.

The general appearance of the skin is effected by not only genetics but environmental factors as well. Skin starts to get old after 20 years of age because the production of collagen gradually decreases. As years go by the elasticity of the skin decreases.

The desire for a silky, young face and eternal youth is as old as humanity.
However, the process of ageing can not be stopped but with the help of different techniques we are able to delay it.

The point of face lifting is that we put the slack skin and fat tissue back to their original position, fix them and after the removal of the redundant skin area we stretch the face skin and so the wrinkles disappear. The result highly depends on the skin quality of the patient but in general it means at least ten years of rejuvenation.

During the operation the cut will be hidden by the hair from the temple across the scalp. We drive it in front of the ear and it goes behind the ear under the earlobes. Here it goes as far as the middle line of the ear and to the nape, also hidden by the hair. After we stretch the face skin and remove the redundant skin area. We close the cut with the finest thread and with stitches driven under the skin.

Further information about the operation:


Before surgical operations certain tests concerning the general condition and local state of the body are necessary in order to measure the risk of the operation.The operation is executed under general anaesthesia.

The duration of the operation:

2 – 3 hours

Time to be spent in the clinic:

1 night

Patient can go back to work after:

10 days

Stich removal:

After 10 days


Medical operations are usually accompanied by the following: swollen, haemorrhagic operation area or inflammation, furthermore, scar healing problems may step up. However, thanks to the modern medicine these are very rare and treatable. Special risks in case of face lifting: short time discoloration of the skin or sensory disorders as a result of the injury of skin nerves.