Nose surgery

bNose surgery

Nose is located in the middle of the face and also emerges from the face, therefore, it plays a very important role in the formation of face character.

Since all noses are different, patients have different desires. The purpose of nose surgery depends on the demand: reduction, enlargement, shortening, elongating, narrowing, widening, straightening, defining or the correction of other curves and unpleasantness.

In the course of the preliminary consultations the doctor and the patient try to reach an agreement. The patient tells what she / he wishes to change, the doctor makes his opinion whether the desired nose shape fits the face of the patient, furthermore, what changes are worth executing which has a favourable effect.

The point of the operation is to make a cartilaginous and bony frame. Since the operation is usually done in the nose there will be no visible scars. There are, of course, certain cases when an external cut is also necessary, however, these scars heal well and are almost invisible.

Nose surgery is usually done under local anaesthesia and because pain is also minimal after the operation, patients only complain about a slight headache. However, upon demand the operation can be done under general anaesthesia.

Bandage depends on the operation. If we only form the nose tip, that is the cartilaginous part of the nose then we usually do not put on a plaster. If we reformed the bony frame of the nose (bump removal, narrowing) then we put on a plaster.

About the procedure:


Before surgical operations certain tests concerning the general condition and local state of the body are necessary in order to measure the risk of the operation.The operation is usually executed under local anaesthesia.

The duration of the operation:

It depends how much we wish to change. (one and a half hours)

Time to be spent in the clinic:

Some hours after the operation

Patient can go back to work after:

14 days (after plaster removal)

Stich removal:


It is advisable to wear sunglasses so that the patient does not twinkle because of strong light. Patient should use make-up on eyelid after only a mimimum of at least eight days


Bleeding after the operation. Later complication can be the intensive scarring as a result of which the nose may become harder and more rigid. In this case a second operation is necessary in order to remove scars.


After the removal of the plaster the operation area becomes swollen and bloodshot which disappear after 6 – 8, maximum 10 days. Since the boning of the nose takes five weeks bigger traumas should be avoided. Final result is after six months.